Tabata Timers and Tabata Music

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What Is Tabata?

4 Minute Interval Workout:

20 Seconds of Intense Exercise

followed by

10 Seconds Rest

Repeat (8 Intervals Total)


Take Your Tabata Workout Anywhere

With a Tabata Timer or Tabata Music.

The Tabata Protocol. You know the drill. 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF, for 4 minutes. The workout itself is hard enough… let us worry about timing the intervals. Stop relying on staring at your wristwatch, or having to workout at a gym with a clock on the wall!


Tabata Music

Tabata Songs

With the recent popularity boom of Tabata in the fitness world, countless tools have been created and put on the market to help time these intervals. One being Tabata Music.

People love to workout to music. It is motivating, yet helpfully distracting.

Tabata Music provides the convenience of ‘just pressing play’ on an ipod or stereo, takes away all need for timers, clocks, or wristwatches, while still providing music to keep you going.

There is a lot of Tabata music out there, but nothing comes close to the quality of a company called Tabata Songs.

Tabata Songs provides multiple genre’s of music timed perfectly to the Tabata Interval. This company gives you the ability to choose whether you would like a coach’s voice counting IN or OUT the intervals, or simply just the instrumental version.

No need to turn off the music. Just press play, let the music be your coach…

Tabata Interval Timer


Hands down the best Interval Timer available. If you aren’t looking for music, and just simply want a timer that beeps… look no further.

These babies get the job done, and are super easy to use.

Why Tabata?

 Tabata creates the perfect aerobic/anaerobic workout ratio.

Exercises that can be used for Tabata Intervals:

Sprint, Burpee, squat, air squat, scissor jumps, lunge, lunge walk, Push Up, Sit Up

Pull Up, Bicep Curl, Shoulder Press, Tricep Extenstion, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions,

Stationary Bike, Eliptical, Treadmill, Rowing Machine. See videos below for some examples.

Air Squat

Burpee Tabata

Scissor Jump

Lunge Walk (with or without weights)

Push Up Tabata

Stationary Bike Tabata

Dumbell Tabata

Kettle Bell Swing Tabata